Content Production Manager

Job Type: Contract
Posted: over 2 years ago
Contact: Maricris Fermin
Reference: 212016_1629106514

Content Production Manager

  • Contract role until 31 March 2022

The Opportunity
The Content Production Manager role is as much about discovering, understanding, and synthesizing as it is about planning for, executing and delivering the projects across the finishing line in a timely and efficient manner. We need someone who's unafraid to quickly learn the needs, desires, and contexts of the team's priorities so that they can use their project management superpowers to empower the team to deliver what's required. If you're okay with that, then here's a sense of what the role would require you to do -

  • Maintain and drive the Regional Content Library. Every month, there is a fresh set of digital goodies crafted and sent across our client's business units across the region. Working with various stakeholders, you will help to coordinate the dissemination and potential troubleshooting that comes with populating and maintaining the Regional Content Library.
  • Set up a DAM. If you already know what a DAM (Digital Asset Management system) is, then you're probably looking in the right place. Working with internal stakeholders, you will build the project team's capacity by setting up a central media system for creative files - such as images, videos, and digital resources - to be shared more fluidly and expedite workflow.
  • Manage video editors. Our client has a small team of remote video editors that require the occasional check-in to ensure delivery timelines are met. They're an easy-going, no-fuss bunch. You will be their touchpoint to the Big Picture and ensure deliverables are being churned out on time.
  • Identifying and managing potential risks and liabilities of multiple projects. The team will often face potential challenges that will distract and draw resources to other ad-hoc requests. It is key to make effective and firm decisions when presented with multiple options for how to progress with the priorities at hand.
  • Performing quality control to maintain the standards expected. The project team is agile and things move like lightning speed. Everyone has the onus to make sure quality is consistently maintained on the project throughout development. We would need an extra pair of sharp eyes that is great at spotting details and oversights.

Your Background
We are looking for candidates from all backgrounds with a mix of these talents -

  • Conductor. You can get an orchestra to play, even if doesn't want to. You can manage projects and marshal the essential functions of bureaucracy - and its cast of characters - to deliver results.
  • Synthesizer. You can tame the beast of chaos and complexity. You have a love-hate relationship with ambiguity. You can balance logic with creativity; you are able to see the big picture before putting all the puzzles together. You are meticulously systematic and obsessively tidy.
  • Quality Controller. You have an eye for detail. You might even be a bit of a perfectionist. Catching typos, awkward formatting, or infractions of branding guidelines gives you joy. You notice when things slip through the cracks and don't hesitate to jump in to help the team maintain high quality standards.
  • Juggler. You are a great multi-tasker that can manage multiple projects at one time. Nothing fazes you amongst the external chaos. Your calm demeanor helps see beyond the tangled web and takes charge of what's needed to get things done.
  • Collaborator. You are a master of negotiation and persuasion with a touch of empathy. You can work with cross-functional stakeholders. You build on the ideas of others and always adopt a can-do attitude. Your involvement is actively sought after. You possess high EQ knowing when to get involved and when to step out.
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